Equine Assisted Psychotherapy
Institute of South Africa

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What are the benefits of EAP ?

• Assists people in becoming aware of their interpersonal styles and the effects on those around them.
• Assists people in developing insight and possibly new skills to transfer to their daily lives.
• Assists people to become more in touch with their feelings, thoughts, reactions and to learn to express their emotions more congruently.
• Involves the person to learn to take risks and responsibility as well as work out more effective ways of coping with different and challenging situations.
• Aids in decision-making.
• Provides an opportunity for growth and learning in a non- threatening and motivating environment.
• Assist sin the empowerment of people and builds confidence.
• Teaches empathy, patience and an ability to observe and interpret behaviour more effectively in others.
• The clients usually get so involved in the activities that it aids in breaking down any defense barriers or masks a client may tend to present with.
• Enhances : relationship-building; effective communication skills; self- esteem; promotes empowerment and change from dysfunctional ineffective patterns to successful ones.

Who can benefit ?

• Individuals of any age
• Marital couples
• Families
• Therapeutic, educational and corporate groups

"Some of the world’s greatest feats were accomplished by people not smart enough to know they were impossible."
Dough Larson, cartoonist.
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