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Institute of South Africa

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Code of Ethics of the Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Institute of South Africa

1. Members will respect the rights and dignity of horses as well as people, and will consistently promote the emotional and physical well-being of both.

2. Members will ensure that they maintain a high standard of professional conduct and competence throughout and that their professional integrity remains unquestionable. To this end, they will seek appropriate supervision from time to time.

3. Members will uphold confidentiality but will co-operate with colleagues and other professionals in the best interests of, and only with the consent of, their clients.

4. Members will take responsibility for identifying if and when there is a mismatch between their professional skills and the client’s treatment needs, and to promptly and sensitively refer such clients to other duly qualified professionals.

5. Members will avoid dual or multiple relationships with clients to minimize the risk of exploitation; in cases where such relationships are unavoidable, members will take responsibility for setting firm yet respectful boundaries.

6. Members will take reasonable care to ensure that their personal conduct always remains above reproach.

7. Members will abide by EAPISA’s constitution and the ethical rules of conduct for practitioners registered with the Health Professions Council, as well as those of the professional body relevant to the mental health professional in the therapeutic team (eg the Professional Board for Psychology).



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