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How does EAP differ from traditional horsemanship ?

Any time spent with horses, be it competitive sport, recreational riding or merely just being in the company of horses is both rewarding and emotionally and spiritually stimulating. EAP focuses on the emotional and behavioural aspects of human behaviour which in turn elicits opportunities for change to take place.
Traditionally horsemanship focuses on a correct, precise and specific way of doing things. It’s more educational with a deliberately “right” or “wrong” way of going about achieving certain goals. EAP, on the other hand, is experiential by nature where the clients learn from their experiences and focus on the “HOW” of the specific activity or exercise :

• HOW the exercise was approached
• HOW executed
• HOW completed
• HOW handled overall
• No right or wrong way of going about this, just merely allowing the client the freedom to be him or herself.

EAP mostly takes place on the ground, whereas horsemanship is usually about riding in some form or another.

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal : it is the courage to continue that counts."
Winston Churchill, statesman.
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