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Why Horses?

Horses have been part of our evolution as far as the mind can stretch. They were once used for transportation, farm labour and various other work related tasks. But the emotional and spiritual connection to horses did not go unnoticed as they were slowly introduced into peoples’ lives more and more for recreational purposes and eventually as companion animals.
The horse's power and size is overwhelming yet has an empowering effect with most people. If a person can learn to overcome this fear and self-doubt they usually relate this directly back to similar situations they may be experiencing at home, school, work, in their relationships etc.
Horses are honest, straight-forward beings. What you see is what you get. They are non-judgemental, accepting and usually incredibly forgiving. Horses are very similar to people, in that they :

• Live in a social family hierarchical structure
• They have distinct personalities, attitudes and moods
• They can be serious or fun loving
• They aspire to meet their basic needs

Horses provide fantastic opportunities for metaphorical learning. They survive by observing and responding to the non-verbal communication or body language of others. Their responses to the non-verbal messages clients may give them, are exactly what is processed for the client in the moment. This information is valuable feedback which adds to both the therapist’s and client’s knowledge and awareness about issues relating to that person's interpersonal style and usually links up directly with the area or issues that the client is not able to cope with. Options for change can them be explored and experienced by exposing the client to yet another strategically chosen EAP activity.
EAP is about observing body language and non-verbal cues, becoming aware of behavioural patterns of interaction and reactions to these patterns and through the assistance of the horses' feedback facilitating positive change in peoples’ lives.
Most importantly… horses have the ability to act as a mirror to what the human body language is telling them. They are powerful messengers!!

"Most folks are about as happy as they make their minds up to be."
Abraham Lincoln, USA president.
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